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UPDATED: 2017-03-31

Note from the President
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Men`s Standings
Player Points
Brian (Wayne`s Place)173
Mike (Da Swamp)146
Tony (Elbow Room)134
Vince (Wayne`s Place)103
Steven (Blue Moon)92
Halo (Elbow Room)92
Eric (Blue Moon)88
Ryan (Elbow Room)87
Mark (Club 117)80
Paul (Double Vision)80
Trent (Double Vision)79
Jim (Double Vision)71
Glen (Double Vision)63
Timmy (Double Vision)60
Keith (Elbow Room)56
Shane (Wayne`s Place)55
John (Bull Pen)52
Neal (Blue Moon)51
Sal (Sportsman`s)50
Chris (Club 117)48
Craig (Blue Moon)39
Lee (Da Swamp)28
Roy (Da Swamp)26
Joe (Club 117)25
Gaby (Sportsman`s)24
Ray J (Club 117)24
Doug (Da Swamp)21
Cory (Da Swamp)19
Adam (Da Swamp)19
Ron (Wayne`s Place)19
Dave (Sportsman`s)17
Angel (Sportsman`s)16
Travis (Wayne`s Place)16
Chode (Bull Pen)16
Dean (Elbow Room)15
Brandon (Da Swamp)15
Markius (Club 117)12
Josh (Da Swamp)11
Eric (Da Swamp)7
John (Wayne`s Place)5
Ernie (Bull Pen)4
Sweaty (Elbow Room)3
Al (Blue Moon)2
Cale (Sportsman`s)2
Paul (Bull Pen)1
David (Blue Moon)1
Aaron (Elbow Room)1
Evan (Da Swamp)1
Buss (Elbow Room)1
Team Standings
First Half
Ends - Dec 22, 2016
Elbow Room120
Double Vision112
Wayne`s Place109
Blue Moon97
Da Swamp89
Club 11774
Bull Pen34

Second Half
Starts - Dec 29, 2016
Elbow Room114
Double Vision108
Wayne`s Place107
Blue Moon88
Da Swamp85
Club 11774
Bull Pen39
Upcoming Week
Upcoming Week #
Dec 31, 1969
Phone List
Phone List
Bar Phone #
Blue Moon715-526-9719
Bull Pen715-745-6292
Club 117715-758-2164
Da Swamp920-373-5239
Double Vision715-745-6776
Elbow Room715-745-6500
Wayne`s Place715-853-5432
Woman`s Standings
Player Points
Sarah (Sportsman`s)18
Karen (Club 117)10
Sharon (Bull Pen)8
Kelly (Bull Pen)7
Kristen (Bull Pen)5
Katie (Bull Pen)4
Amanda (Bull Pen)3
Taylor (Club 117)3
Sandi (Sportsman`s)2
Brook (Bull Pen)1
Cari (Bull Pen)1
Connie (Bull Pen)1